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Jam Sessions

Our Jam Sessions of acoustic, old time and traditional music resumes at the Old Mill in Bushwood, MD. Musicians and friends are invited to gather around 7 p.m. on the 2nd Friday and at 4 on the last Sunday of each month for music, conversation and lots of fun.


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Bushwood Mill

Old Time Jam Sessions

Jams are held at the Bushwood Mill on the second Friday of each month at 7:00 pm and the last Sunday at 4:00 pm. Little or no experience required, just an appreciation of Old Time Music and a foot to keep time with!


Winter Break is over. We will be getting together on the 2nd Friday at 7 pm at the mill. Hooray for Spring.



Our Traditional Old Time Jam at the Bushwood Mill is held the last Sunday of every month beginning at 4:00. The purpose of this jam is to have fun and focus on "Old Time Music" played in an "old time setting" with just the "old time instruments" passing along songs in that "old time way. Questions? call Lucy at 301-769-4762 or email LucyPeterkin@aol.com. For new jammers, the address is 22840 Bushwood Road, Bushwood MD. 20618.

Our Bushwood Mill Jam is held every second Friday
of the month beginning at 7:00. The purpose for this jam is also to have fun! We have been known to play a bit of Irish, Cajun, folk, blues, old time and country. At this jam we welcome a variety of instruments as well as a variety of skill levels. We share tuners, make room for music stands, and encourage everyone in the music circle to take turns picking tunes for the group to play.
We have plenty of chairs. Snacks to share are welcome but no pressure. BYOB Hope you can join us.


If you are planning on attending the mill jam for the first time, call 301-769-4762 or 301-769-3840 beforehand. The jam relocates to a different location in winter months and has been cancelled on rare occasions."

For more information contact Lucy Peterkin at 301-769-4762

Directions to Bushwood, MD.


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